your way of thinking!?

hey blogger, reader, and visitors..

adry 9arly fatra mu kateb shy.. bs marait b hal 7ala ely ma 3ndy shy akteba (bs actually I have A LOT 2 say) oo now I guess I'm back oo aby atefalsaf!

imagine that ur ideas, thoughts, inner voice, kel shy ydor fe balek.. kelhom cthe jedamek 3la shakel.. let's say, an object! what would it look like? ur "own" -let's call it- package?

Square, circle, triangle, shy mala shakel mu3ayan? imagine it for a second.. okay?

enzain.. now imagine that life is a line.. a fine line with its ups and downs.. oo enta wagif 3la hal kha6 with ur "package" ely u imagined it gabl shway.. can you move it? keep pushing it through the line and untill the end? will be difficult 2 go through life with ur own "package"?

this is an example:

this is how I imagine life, thoughts, and ppl moving/pushing their packages.
Circles go smoothly/easily through life.. they're flexible. While squares are exhausting, unusual, fehom zawaya 7adda that may hurt the one pushing it! hmmmm now imagine it yourself.. ask yourself and see! mu shar6 da2era oo muraba3.. imagine ur ownself..


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Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Did u make this up? ;p

Wetha takhayalt jan6at jansport ;\

5roofa said...

smarty elsa3a greb el 4 o ma gedart afham wala shay lool bs e7em gelt agol hii :p shlon marsh???

:D o shlonek ent lol


m7ammad said...
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m7ammad said...

hmm ana a7es el ideas maloty ra7 ykonon 3ala shakel circle oo el life line maly chethy fee en7edar mozmen oo ra7 et6ee7 el circle malty oo ana arke'6 waraha oo mo gader amsekha len akher shay tentehy my life!!

futrus said...

مافهمت شي :/

Smart-y said...

Abi Omi Abi Oboy: eee i made it up.. na9'areyaa smartiyaa :P

5rofa: entaaay mawjoodaa lil7eeen?? O_O!!! ana tmaaaaaaam oo marsh tamam b3d miss U ;**** entay shlonech shakhbarech?? lil7een blogging??

m7mad: hahahaha!! ga3d atakhayelek oo a9'7aak :P!! laaaish kelaa en7edaar!!? khalhaa sedaa, upward!
oo LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! 3la salfat al chip!!!!!! got a new one?

futrus: شدعوا، لهدرجة صعب تتخيل اللي قاعد اقوله؟

±What±Im±about± said...

this is a really creative way of putting it!
im telling im really impressed with ur way of thinking!
to answer ur q: id say im the shapeless shape! which is good and bad at the same time! i think!
well im shapless so all the ups and downs of the roads of life wont really stop me ;p
on the other hand, having no shape means having no shape! its like ur not defined ! maybe that not less maybe it could be more!
i dont know!
anyhow! this post is interesting!

GothyGeekah! said...

hmm.. my thoughts would be shaped like an unrecognizable, smooth, with little pumps here and there "Something". Where ppl cant outline the way i think. Yet i can go on with my life smoothly, but face pumps at times.
Does any of this makes sense?

sugar said...

Yal fathiiii! Haha 5osh nathariya lil2asaf the only thibg that came to my mind is 5aroof:p

Mar8adoosh said...

ila mu bas square.. hexagon ;p many ups and downs bro ;/

A said...

You actually went all the way to put the illustrations?
Dude, that is either too lame or too 3aa-sum. ;p

3aa-sum, got that? (It's how Marshall says awesome in How I Met Your Mother bas latgol 7ag a7ad)

Anyways my "package" would be a pink bubble gum; chewed up o yelma3 men el sa3abeel. Why pink? Because people tell me I live in a pink bubble of my own; a perfect world of my own - ya3ne naive, basically.
Why chewed up? La'ena fyuzate tharba and it's NOT A CLEAR MND IN THIS HEAD ANYMORE .. baa ha haa :"(

My road is not visible; too much fog ahead bas either way bubble gum is bubble gum; it is STICKY, fa enshala el line eysawe loop o yerja3 wara it doesn't matter because bubble gum is always loyal to its current position.

Smart-y said...

what im about: hehe.. thanks ;)!
oo shapeless shape is good bs tiring.. oo MU kel al nas ra7 tefhemech.. some will make judgments! while in fact u should be judgment-free cuz u're shapeless!

GothyGeekah: eee fahmech :P b al 3aks! 9a7 ely gelty..

sugar: hehe.. wallah mu fa9'y :P bs i found it interesting 2 share! oo aham shy al kharoof!! la please basna kherfaan!! :P

Marg: LOL.. mu3ayan is good.. in my opinion it's better than a square!

A: hehe.. tra sawaita fe paint.. ma khatha 5 mins, oo eee 3aa-sum a3arefhaa *LOL!!! :P*
oo i like ur image of ur "package".. interesting al 9ara7a! see.. shrayek fely katba now? lame wla interesting :P?
oo tra i'm kind of methlek.. i have this "pink bubble" of my own too! al denya 7elwa oo wardeya! i tried 2 change it.. mako fayda!

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

Hmmm My thoughts would be messy ! shakel malah shakel :P thats why their kinda hard to push :P

i guess:P?

Smart-y said...

then try changing them.. so u can move on with you life plus keeping your package with you all the way!

new one said...

then i think i have 2 packages..
circle one and square one..

so you can imagin my life..
الحمدلله على كل حال

A said...

Hey there :)

Your illustration and thoughts reminded me of Stephen Covey's book:

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Maybe you have a future there, who knows?

:) May you be happy and sincere and successful for long gol ameen. [Bel Kwaiti that would be "roooo7 3asallla ywafgek wenajjj7uk wydeem 3alaaik el sincerity" - couldn't translate that last one ;p]