Hey readers!

Finally I decided to post, and REMADE the entire blog. I know it looks so different.
I guess it reflects the new "earthy" me 3la qolat my best friend :b

anyway, i just wanted to tell you all that I REALLY MISS BLOGGING!
and I'm back for good inshallah.

9 Comers:

7amooood said...

Welcome back ! and the new layout looks so 'calm'... very neat and simple.

Um Mit3ib said...


i dont like bloggers that come and go .. a7eb el istiqrar.. so im giving u a chance to prove urself;p

Deema said...

wayed af'9al il layout :)

brown-suger said...

welcome back ;)

Anoosa said...

WELCome back!
to be honest i hate the layout its soo empty!!

Smart-y said...

7mod: thanks ;*

um met3ib: merci khali9 3la al second chance, ashkirich ;*

Deema: et7sin mureee7!

brown sugar: thanks, oo entay emnawra ;*

anoosa: bs eb themetech, mu arya7 oo ahda li al 3ain mn ely gabl :b?

Anoosa said...

no actually i love colors i love the old one more i dk you chose what u like not what others think!! btw i send request to follow you on twitter!!

Smart-y said...

anoosa: 3adel kalamich, this new layout suits me better, oo i accepted/followed you back ;)

lemon-aid said...

7ada sophisticated!!! LOL ya3ni "kubarna":P it9adig ya3kis 3ala "moving to the next step in life"