Are You Self-commitment Phobic?

seriously, are you?

ams umii tqolii "ana ma 3indii eradaa, kelish mee7 mako shaii" oo al yoom my friend qal nafs el kelma.. "i find it hard 2 commit to al shaii al fulanii", then i was like.. shfeehom? sh9ayer!!

later el yoom, i came across this article while i was searching about self commitment, bashof shesalfaa.. why is it that hard 2 be self commitment?

"Commitment enables any new change or pattern to become well engrained in our own energy field. Our old patterns took a long time to become established in our mind-body fabric, so sometimes the reason why an old pattern, or an emotional block, is so difficult to shift, is simply because we do not keep up the effort long enough to change it and make that shift happen."

"as you start changing patterns, it impacts the ego or the lower self, and you begin to feel much better about yourself; your self-esteem rises knowing "I can make change happen." Self-commitment and self-esteem are directly related. Another way of raising your self-esteem is to expand your awareness by allowing yourself to learn new hobbies, or by starting new activities which expand your self-awareness zone."

When we are performing a repetitious task, the brain knows you do not require 'its attention' to protect you. From its perspective this is boring, and since you are not threatened, the brain let's down its guard or barriers and boundaries; and old pattern that are holding us back move out of the way, allowing your intuition to flow even stronger increasing your receptiveness to the process of learning new things, new habits, and new beliefs

the article is written by Sahar Huneidi, link is here (check it 4 the full article)

haa.. shraykom? (lol 7asait nafsii M7AMMAD!!)
mu 9a7 9aja eb kel kelmaa qalat'haa..?
yala ppl, try and CHANGE!

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Anoosa said...

i know that i have erada for one thing!!!!!

Some Kuwaitiya said...

I guess I'm one person who doesn't have a problem with change :p

Smart-y said...

Anoosa: lol, shnu ohwa?

Some Kuwaitiya: zain that means enaa 3ndech self commitment, if you can deal with the change, 3yal 3inch eradaa!

Big Pearls said...

my irada goes through its own ups amd downs!

Big Pearls said...

my irada goes through its own ups amd downs!

yousifmind said...

التغيير حلو اذا كان للأحسن .. صج بتواجه صعوبات .. بس لازم تضغط على نفسك اذا كان الشي مصيري .. او له تأثير كبير لحياتك ويشيل منها المعاناة ..
مادري شقول .. بس انا مرات اقدر اغير ومرات ما اقدر .. على حسب الشي ولا تنسى ان النفس اماره بالسوء ..

Abdullah said...

I love commitments. I am into monogamy.

Smart-y said...

BP: i guess we all go through the same thing b3d!

yousif: بس لازم تعود نفسك اكثر على انك تكون شخص ذو ارادة لو بغيت تسوي شي، تسويه لو مهما يكون
خله يكون تحدي بينك وبين نفسك

Abdullah: a7saan shaii!! ;)

m7ammad said...

depends, i mean if the change is in my favour i would have a higher chance of sticking with it>>as long as it does not require much effort! bas generally i hate change!

falantan said...

walla change IS good WHEN it's in the right direction

and change is NOT good when it's in the wrong direction.

And since none of us is perfect, then there's always ALOT of room for improvement :)

M said...

Self commitment...not easy, very challenging yet do-able! oo ba3dain when you think of it we are still alive because of evolution! and evolution means change! so like it or not we end up changing anyway :P

sadia said...

self commitment takes a lot of work. one has to be proactive while doing things to improve our lives. and this is true religiously as well i think. the most important kind of self commitment is to improve ourselves as muslims and work on it everyday.

so i make sense? i'm feeling stupid today -_-

pocketfullofsunshine said...

I don't believe I'm self commited, but sometimes when I'm alone, like driving or something I give myself a little pep talk in my head o agool 7g nafsi wtf are you doing? It usually works, aham shay I listen to the voices in my head but not my parents lol. So yeah, the first step to self commitment is basically acknowledging the problem. It's really simple :P

Mar8adoosh said...

i just want to sleep ;( Im so tired of work ily bas khala9 .. aby anam :(

la hobby wala erada :p

Smart-y said...

m7mad: borj al thooooor!! ma3rofeen ;p

falantan: wallah enta mashallah 3leek, ta3jebnii ;) kalamek 9a7!

M: 9a7, ppl change oo ma yadron! they relised it too late!

sadia: yes, u make total sense! :D mashallah.. kalamech 3adel! al islam is all about self-commitment!

pocketfullofsunshine: hatha elii u give urself a little pep talk in ur head.. is what keeping us able 2 change and actually do it! so listen to ur guts!

marg: nawartaii al mukan ya bint mar8adoosh! :D oo la entaii 3indch erada oo entaii ma tadriin kfaya u went all the way 2 US oo ga3da tadresiin ehnak.. mashallah! ;)