what do you recommend?

... I just finished Sex and the City, it took me 7 months to finish all the 6 seasons ;p wedii aqol shrayie fe al ending bs baskit
, no spoilers!

so what shall I see next
? any recommendations!?

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3anooda said...

dirty sexy money
gossip girl (lakin mal banat)
lost (ma7iba)
one tree hill
the OC
the L word
greys anatomy

ullaa agdar agoolik wayid

YousifMind said...

one tree hill
one tree hill
one tree hill
one tree hill

Anonymous said...

Sorry 3anooda...
I'm gonna have to disagree with ya!
With all due respect but all those that you mentioned are "chick flicks"!

Smarty... Have you ever fallen in love with a serial killer?

Trust me... watch "Dexter"!


Anonymous said...

And by the way...

Sex and the City doesn't end at the series! Gotta watch the movie!

Smart-y said...

Heroes (season 1 el ending baykhaa!!)
dirty sexy money (hmmm, i'll try it)
gossip girl (sheft awal 10 eps, not bad)
lost (i stopped watching it, akher shaii shefta season 3)
one tree hill (not for me, madrii laish)
the OC (el mushkela they stopped al production)
the L word (i'm watching season 5 now)
greys anatomy (i'm waiting for season 5 to end, so i can watch it kelaa)
i want something else :P

Yousef: noooooo!!

Dr. Blue: mushkeltii ma a7eb cthe ;p ana prison break sabablii galag oo high pressure oo sukar! 3'air Dexter? oo sex and the city i'll watch el movie soon enshallah :D

marshmallows said...

looooooooooooool ana wa9la season 6 eb 3 weeks =p a7s bfgda =(

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of TV Series. But yeah... Watch Grey's Anatomy. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

I watched season 7 o stopped at episode 5 :(

from where u download it? dont say mininova! bcus Im using mac o have no clue regarding mininova

mo3ath said...

let the expert talk :P

gossip girl
prison break
grey's anatomy
how i met your mother
ugly betty
lie to me

if u want any one of these give me ur external :D

thats what i can remember now :P

YousifMind said...

عبود انت ما شفت ugly betty ?
اذا ماشفته .. كنسل كل شي و شوفه !!

انســـان said...

أكيـــد grey's anatomy ..
It's simply amazing =)

rashisha said...

Greys Anatomy
Gossip Girl

And Feel Free to Discuss the Ending .. :D

Smart-y said...

marsh: mashallah!!! :P heey shwaii shwaii.. wallah u're going 2 miss the show b3diin!

CeCe: ee i watched 4 seasons oo now na6er season 5 yekhali9 so i can watch it kela 3la ra7tii!

anonymous: ay tv show elii u watched lama season 7? hehe actually i'm not the one who's downloading them, bs my friends uses mininova, isohunt (i guess blocked now), oo they use Bittorrent for downloading, try it!

mo3ath: i may watch house, oo how i met ur mother.. bs ma a3aref: life, lie to me, oo 90210! i'll read about them! thanks ;)

yousef: la oo i'm not going to watch it ;p ymkn m3a one tree hill someday somewhere!

انسان: ايي قاعد اشوفه بس للحين ما شفت سيزون 5

rashisha: hehe.. the ending was simple oo 7dha shaii mutawage3! bs it's nice that kel shaii after all ended happily ever after!

Anonymous said...

هيروز روعه ، دكستر خرافي

Smart-y said...

futrus: ma a7ebhom ;(

Gee said...

mnashallah el jema3a kafaw o wafaw :p
ma 3endi shay azeda :p

Anonymous said...

any updates coming ?