I Like خواطر!

I Like barnamaj خواطر on MBC at 6:15pm KSA..

mashallah 3leeh A7mad Al Shqiery, i remembered him ayam ma kan wya A7amd Faroq Al Feshawy barnamaj Yalla Shabab.. it was like 4 years ago aw akther.. A7mad Al Shqiery was one of them ely fe Yalla Shabab..

now he has his own Show.. which is amazing.. one of the few things i watch during this Ramadan.

you can watch all episodes from previous seasons, on this blog http://kawatershab.blogspot.com
or you can search youtube and watch them (sometimes youtube's user upload them faster!)

i liked today's episode..

laish ma nqol "Al Salam 3alaikom"?
marrat i go and meet someone.. oo this one says "Hi, Gowa, or Halaa" i respond automatically without thinking: al salam 3laikom.. b3din t9ir la79'at samt for 1 or 2 seconds.. oo ana 3la 6ol i respond again 2 what this one said before: "Hi, allah ygawek, or hala fik".. shfeeha al salam 3laikom?

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lemon-aid said...

eeeee! ana kela e9eer feeni laish maygolon il salam?

CruisingFarAway said...

When I first saw your post it didnt intrest me that much , bs mako she'3l so I clicked the link to check it out =P and walla it's good ! chenny ra7 atab3a a6ale3 shfeeh !

CruisingFarAway said...

Hmmm shakla al estath a7mad wa7d fahem o monfate7 mashallah 3aleeh mo methel hatheela elly 6la3aw hal ayam o yaftoon bkeeefhom!

Smart-y said...

lemon: Lol cuz they're simply mac chicken!

CruisingFarAway: Eeee mashallah 3leeh.. a7eb esloba wayd basee6 oo sahel oo 3ameeq fe nafs al wagt.. check out the blog.. feh al seasons ely gabl.. v interesting :)

ĄηğэĻĭšTїÇ said...

This is the being cool way of our youngsters now .. alsalam 3alakom is mal awal ... what bugs me too is when ppl say "alsalam" zain kamlha ...

Faith said...

I totally agree elslaM 3lekOom is
better :-)

Zawaya Al-Sha'3af said...

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! Finally Someone Who watches it well wow!! 5awa6er has made a big influence on me ! i really appreciate what ahmad il shgary is doing he really inspires me!! i can dedicate a whole blog to him! and i really wish that people will do what hes saying!

btw :great blog keep up the good work :)