one of those days

I guess we all have one of those days from time to time.. today all I wanted to do was sit at home do nothing, switch my phone off, try to talk less, eat junk food, listen to music or watch some silly shows on TV.
I want peace, silence, some space, and REALLY a good sleep!

is anyone else having these same symptoms? I think I lost my "positivity" today! hehe :b

7 Comers:

Anonymous said...

oui oui MOI!!! :Pp

Smart-y said...

aid: hahaha.. shensawy!!!? ma 3ndch 7al :b?

Um Mit3ib said...

ee all the time;p

ashtihy atqawqa3 bel baiit w ma7achy a7ad ;p w i watch series;p

Anoosa said...

well this is one of my favorable days when it happens to me!!!
the best ever junk food + a great movie and no one around u!!!
u could see im not a social person!!! ;ppP

sweetd said...

it's very difficult for me to sit and do nothing the whole day! I feel so empty...bil 3aks being able to work or do soemthing keeps my mind of thinking about un-needed useless thoughts..

Smart-y said...

um mit3ib: sh3or muree7 jedan, mu?!

Anoosa: hahaha, yaa i can see that! :b

sweetd: sometimes, all u need is some time off! ana nafsich, ma a7eb ag3ad fa9'y.. bs marat aby my day plan is to have no plan, and just sit.

Um Mit3ib said...