can't wait to see it!

The Princess and the Frog.

EDIT: I just watched it! you want my opinion? IT'S A MUST SEE MOVIE! 3ajeeb!!
and it's been a while since Disney made a 2D cartoon movie.. it was magical, charming, and exquisitely drawn. Thank you Walt Disney!

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brown-suger said...

im gonna see it monday :P 7yaak

Anonymous said...


thanks for recommending it .. im looking forward to watch it but i have a question plz, were there many censored scenes ? i really get pissed off from the unnecessary censoring !

Thanks :)

Anoosa said...

never thought that boys would like such stuff esp if its disney and well romantic
I know i do LOVE those stuff but never thought boys would do!!
ne33esh w net3alm!! haha!! ;pP

sweetd said...

I wudnt go to the movies and watch that...:P i prefer watching it at home...madry 3ankum bs 7asfaa i go and watch a disney cartoon that doesnt seem any different to the 100's of ones they have made be4! we have tech why not use it? Glad u enjoyed it :D first time i step into this blog..looks intereting!

Smart-y said...

brown: ma 3indy mane3 ayie oo ashofa mara thanya!

Anon: all the kissing scenes r censored! which doesn't make sense at all, al ge9a kelha wagfa 3leha ehya (the princess) and her kiss!!

Anoosa: hahaha.. al boys ashkal oo arnaq, don't generalize!:b

sweeted: hehe, me either! bs al cinema 6a3mha 3'air.. nas wayed oo u actually get dressed and go out for it! oo tabin al 9ij? ma 3ndy mani3 ashofa at home, several times lima a7fe9'a!! hehe cuz yewanis! it's a classic story with a twist!
and thanks for passing my blog ;*

Anonymous said...

oh .. then i better not go 3ayal ;/

i'll go for another movie inshallah !

thanks again ;)

Anonymous said...

I will watch it soon :)