well the title summed it all up, when I graduated, I thought to myself "al7een kel ely abeeh break sh6olaa.. oo b3din y9eer khair adawir 3la sh3'el" now it has been 5 months, I think I had enough.. yala aby either I work NOW, or I continue my study, 6ab3an I wouldn't mind traveling, haha!

for the meantime am thinking of:

1) take level-2 and continue my guitar lessons.
2) start taking some Spanish classes.
3) ..... 3a6ony afkar?

PS: am back again b3d salfat my laptop, but now am a new confused Mac user! n getting used to it.

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lemon-aid said...

la 7awl ilaaaaah gilnalik:P kaml masters malek ela KU if not then a job bara? spanish classes EEEE i agree:P

msha3erha said...

I advise you with masters. Gain knowledge as much as you can. Or you can work for a while and then go back to your study.

I don't know what your specialization is but it would be good to be involved in some kind of leadership programs or courses to enhance your skills.

Learning French ;) so I can have conversations with someone :p lol all my friends who knows French are away so I need someone new lol

Best of luck :D

Smart-y said...

lemon: i'll go check al ta3leem al 3aly.. ashof shesalfa!

mash3erha: hehe i don't like french, a7s'ha qaljaa.. am more into spanish.. etwanis :b it's the second most used language b3d al english! oo am really considering masters.. i'll check it this week.. if it's possible!

community said...

Go to Maldives have a relaxation there