My first lesson this year is..

"La to2ajil 3amala al yawm ela al 3'ad"

You may wonder what makes this a lesson? Since it's too cliche and every1 knows it.. But here's why!

Yesterday I was in eureka Al Salmiya with my best friend and I saw all the hard disks there and I thought of getting one, but I was like "haa.. Laa mu wagta mesta3yel khal nkhali9 oo b3deen ayie".
Now today, the funny thing happened, my laptop died!!! The problem is something wrong with the hard disk, I didn't even bother 2 know the details..

I just hope that I backed up all my data!

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Anoosa said...

well u got ur point proven ,,
and with that u should put "learn from ur mistakes"!!!

Anonymous said...


msha3erha said...

Loooool tekbar oo tensa :p
it always happens :p

Smart-y said...

anoosa: hehehe.. yaa i have learned from this mistake!

lrmon-aid: it's not funny!! :P

msha3erha: hehehe.. ee al7imdallah ena i had a backup (not very recent one, but at least i do!)

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